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About Us

Foothill Ranch Middle School is a comprehensive 7th - 8th grade middle school providing access to California State Content Standards taught through “Common Core” instructional strategies. Students are provided quality “first instruction” and are monitored to ensure they are proficient in the acquisition of basic concepts. All classes focus on Project Based Learning which allows students to interact and connect with their academic subjects.

We are committed to providing students and parents with an academically rigorous and relevant curriculum that will prepare students for high school and beyond. We teach students to become independent thinkers who can problem solve, analyze and evaluate across social and academic areas. We are an inclusive school that embraces all types of learners and promotes academic and social equity for all

We recognize the unique learning needs of the adolescent group we serve and have designed programs to support our students while they learn. Students who have special needs and/or are English Learners are given individualized assistance in accordance with their learning plans.

Students have six courses a day that includes English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and an elective.

Teachers differentiate their instruction so that they ensure the needs of the whole student are met. All students are taught through a project based curriculum which emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and hands on practice.

Mission Card IconMission

Foothill Ranch Middle School exists to provide all students with the opportunity to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, and collaborative learners in order to prepare them for high school and promote life-long learning.