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Dress Code Policy

The following guidelines are intended to define appropriate student attire and personal grooming. We believe that students should “dress for success” and that a dress code policy helps keep our schools safe and effective. The Foothill Ranch Middle School dress code will be strictly enforced.  

  1. Baseball style caps, cowboy hats, beanies or sun protective caps will be allowed.  Head coverings such as hairnets, BANDANNAS, hair rollers, do-rags, sweatbands, are strictly prohibited.

  2. Shoes must be worn at all times.  A substantial sole is required and enclosed toe and heel footwear is highly encouraged.  Students must wear appropriate shoes when participating in PE. House slippers are not permitted.  

  3. Pants are to be worn at or above the hip point and be able to stay up without a belt.  Also, NO undergarments are to be visible at any time.  Students are permitted to wear shorts which do not expose buttocks.  Pajama bottoms or flannel bottoms are not acceptable.

  4. Extremely brief garments such as halter-tops, bare midriffs, tube tops, net tops, spaghetti straps, “off the shoulder”,  plunging necklines (front and back), short skirts, short shorts, and exposed undergarments are not appropriate.  

  5. Garments with slogans or pictures promoting the use of drugs, alcohol or substance abuse or with suggestive, sexist or obscene statements, including references to satanic themes, tobacco, racial slurs or any disparaging remarks will not be allowed.  Shirts depicting violence are deemed inappropriate.

  6. Earrings or other jewelry, which may present a safety hazard, are not suitable for school wear. 

  7. More than 2 items of blue or red clothing and solid blue or red shirts are strictly prohibited and is considered to be gang attire.  Any representation of or claiming of areas, turfs, or neighboring groups are prohibited.  Wearing of any handkerchiefs, suspenders, shoes, earrings, jackets or devices representing gang symbols are not accepted.  Because of the fact that every circumstance is different, it will be at the administration’s discretion as to the extent to which this particular dress code policy is enforced.   

  8. If the violation is a shirt of some kind, the student will be given an opportunity to exchange the shirt for a loaner shirt.  The loaner shirt can be exchanged back for the original at the end of the school day.  Students who continually refuse to comply with the dress code policy will need to call a parent or guardian to bring a change of clothing that is more appropriate and/or will face progressive school discipline/consequences.  The administration reserves the right to decide the appropriateness of the student’s attire.
  9. No Blankets will be allowed at school